Analytics and Emerging Markets – Big Data is Not Only for Big Companies

The use of Big Data is progressively increasing these days by the companies to outperform their competitors. In most industries, new business entrants will use the strategies resulting from the predictive analysis of data to compete, innovate and capture value.

Big data has created an even playing field for both small and big businesses. It ensures that hiring, engagement, pricing, and other crucial decisions are made effectively. Unlike in the past where small businesses could not compete with big businesses, with big data, there are endless possibilities for smaller businesses.

Data Science for Small Businesses

Small businesses need to realize the importance of big data to remain competitive and make profits. The world is changing rapidly and it requires businesses to adapt accordingly. If a business is not able to change its corporate strategy in a short period, it would simply go out of business in today’s world.

Hence, the need for big data to leveraged. Data Science, Data Analytics, Business Analytics, Big Data, Machine Learning, Data Mining, Visualization, Business Intelligence, and Artificial Intelligence, in general, can allow emerging markets and small businesses to reach their true potential.

Frontier markets have been slow to adapt to the technological changes and it is this reason that is holding them back from competing with developed economies.

Big data allows small businesses and emerging markets to make informed decisions based on actionable insights. Every business, big or small, requires valuable insights and data. It is vital for understanding customer preferences and the overall target audience, as well as segments of it. This is where big data comes into the picture. The right data needs to be properly analyzed and effectively presented as it will help the business achieve all of its goals.

Redevelop Products

Unlike big companies or developed economies, small companies do not have the capital needed to redevelop products. They do not have the investment needed to take risks. However, with big data, small businesses can easily launch new product lines and redevelop the products depending on the needs and preferences of customers.

Small businesses can launch new products and then redevelop the product following the response received from customers. It will allow the small business to become profitable and compete with larger corporations.

Feedback can be collected and used by big data. Thus, businesses can find out how customers perceive their products or services – necessary changes can be made accordingly. General feedback is obtained through unstructured social media text.

Moreover, even small businesses can test various variations using big data through high-end CAD in a short time. Information about material affect costs, lead times, performance and the like can be obtained. Thus, efficiency and productivity will be improved. This would result in higher profits through cost reduction.

Risk Analysis

In the past, only big businesses were able to focus on risk analysis but with big data, small companies can also conduct a risk analysis to prevent any mishaps. There are various factors that affect the success of products and services – such as social and economic factors. With predictive analytics, social media feeds, news and all sorts of data can be analyzed and scan for actionable insights. It ensures that your business can keep up with the latest developments and trends.

Data Security

Data is one of the most valuable assets of an organization and it needs to be protected. Big data allows businesses to map their entire data landscape which ensures that all types of internal threats are analyzed. Sensitive information is kept safe with the information obtained about internal threats.

Data is stored according to the requirements of the industry and is in line with the latest standards. Data safety and protection is possible with the help of big data. Moreover, organizations dealing with consumer financial information are required by law to keep consumer information safe from attacks.

New Income Streams

With big data, consumers and markets can be analyzed for actionable insights. Companies can even sell non-personalized trend data. Big data has the potential to do wonders for just about every business, small or big. To increase their effectiveness and benefits, employees have to be trained.


For small businesses, Big Data has to be used to find meaningful results. And should you want to utilize big data and transform your business into a successful and profitable one, you need Next Bee to help you.

The team at NextBee is an expert in big data and will provide you with actionable insights needed to take your business to the next level. With over 10 years of experience, Next Bee can be your most trusted partner. To know more, feel free to reach us anytime.

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