Competitive Advantage with Big Data Analysis

The use of Big Data has been overwhelming over the years. A large set of data are brought together and analyzed to get better insights about the business patterns and make better decisions.

It helps individual firms in countering market competition and develops growth strategies – maximizing productivity and creating significant value by reducing cost and increasing the quality of products and services.

Big data has paved the way for businesses to actualize their true potential. It is changing the entire corporate landscape. When it comes to analytics and emerging markets, big data is not only limited to big companies as small companies can also take advantage of big data to compete with big companies.

What Is Big Data?

Big Data is a combination of all the tools and processes that are involved in managing and utilizing large sets of data. The concept of big data had been created out of the desire to understand patterns, preferences, and trends by the database.

Analytics can be used with the help of big data to figure out what customers want, the most valuable customers, and just about everything. Big data can be used to create new and unique products, services, and experiences – it has led to the word “actionable insights” being developed.

Good Effects of Big Data Analysis

Big data offers a competitive advantage to businesses of all sizes. Successful companies have used big data to outperform other major players in their respective industries. Moreover, new entrants have used big data to penetrate into a market.

Data-driven strategies are developed with the help of big data. These strategies tend to be effective and based on accurate information, as long as the framework developed for gathering and analyzing data has been properly developed. With big data, companies can innovate, capture, and compete in an industry. It is widely used in just about every sector.

The healthcare industry has started to prioritize big data and is one of the data pioneers that are leading the way in revolutionizing the way the entire industry operates. For instance, companies have been able to discover risks and benefits related to initial clinical trials.

Better analysis can be achieved with big data. More importantly, better and more effective outcomes can be predicted. Companies can now determine if new products or prototypes will be used in real-time. Therefore, new products and services can be developed with such knowledge.

Ways to leverage Big Data

Storage of Data in digital form – With the advancement of technologies and also to keep data handy, companies create and store data in digital form. As a result of which, they can collect detailed information on everything from revenue outcomes, employee performance, quality of products/services, and many more. This accumulated data further helps to conduct proper analysis and experiments to make better management decisions.

Unfolds significant insights by making information transparent – It has been noted that a significant amount of information is still not yet captured in digital form, e.g., data that are on paper, or data not made easily accessible and searchable through networks. With the help of big data analytics, this gap can be bridged so that business owners can get vivid insights about the processes and take necessary actions on the growth strategy.

Focus on target customers – Big Data allows proper segmentation of customers – it helps the marketers to build a tailored marketing strategy that will be effective to that particular customer segment. It helps in better positioning of the products and services.

Decision Making – With Big Data Analytics, decision making becomes more accurate and effective. It can substantially improve the business growth strategy, minimize risks, and unfold valuable insights. Now, companies are using data to create innovative products and after-sales service offerings such as proactive maintenance to avoid failures in new products.


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