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10 Million+ Users | 1.2B+ Tracked Transactions | 22 Integrated AI Modules

The Best Unified Solution for User Analysis

A clear and intuitive way to get a detailed look at your user and KPI data with our reliable turnkey solution and custom-tailored visualizations.

Audit & Analytics Audit & Analytics
Segmentation Segmentation
Prediction Prediction

Audit & Analytics

What attributes define your best users be they customers or employees. Are only several of the users completing revenue generating activities? Or, is the performance distributed evenly? How many repeat users did you have this month? These are just a few of the questions that Lighthouse's Data Team can help answer for your company.

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Segmentation of users, be they customers or employees, allows you to effectively target users. Lighthouse segments users through the appropriate lenses of activity recency (i.e., orders, KPI's, etc.) and what revenue is being generated by these user activities. Then we create user tiers and AI clusters so you can understand your user behavior in the most actionable ways possible.

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Using time-based analysis, a key way to predict when users are likely to perform an activity, Lighthouse's Data Team helps ensure your sending activity promotional materials at those key times so you can maximize their impact.

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How Does Lighthouse Drive Engagement?

We have built our solution with a single-minded focus - increasing user engagement through actionable analytics and insights. Our solution offers direct and clear execution ideas to implement for your marketing programs.


Capitalize on the Temporal & Associative Patterns Found Within User Behavior & Transactions to Help You Identify Interdependency of Your Decisions


Create High Confidence Forecastings Based on Machine Learning Algorithms, Custom Tuned to Your Data and Business Profile


Use Deep Insights and Data Analysis Views to Help You Quantify Expected ROI for Planned Promotions and Identify New Areas of Opportunities

Ready to Use Integrations

The Lighthouse by NextBee platform can easily be integrated with the main 3 areas you need for success - sales, email, and your website.

Performance, Sales, and Transaction Data

We integrate with the top companies Shopify, Magento, BigCommerce, Salesforce, and many more.

Email Data

We integrate with the top email service providers (ESP) such as Gmail, Zoho Mail, Mailchimp, etc.

Social & Website Data

We help you create actionable plans from the data you have from Facebook, Google Analytics, and more.

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Flexible Pricing Options

No two companies are alike and this is why Lighthouse by NextBee allows you the flexible pricing you need to add data science services to your company's arsenal.

Pricing is based on a number of factors including the services you select. However, current NextBee subscribers can have Lighthouse's monthly fees waived since they are using our other services. This is a huge savings and since all of our offerings are fully scalable and the fact that we have vast experience in the engagement industry, we're the perfect partner for working with you.

Which service is right for you?
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