How Data Analytics Can Change the Face of Retail?

Organizations are using data science to do almost everything; they understand their customers, develop forecasting, drive profitable and faster results as they improve many aspects of their operations.

The impact of the new approaches can be felt across almost every industry but retail could be in a place where it will reap the biggest benefits. More retailers are now closing their stores when consumers are shopping online, but data science, big data and data analytics can hold the secret for the success of the retail industry.

Positioned to Win

There is a growing number of shopping channels including online and mobile shopping. The operations of the retail organizations are extremely complex, with many employees working across different layers of teams, in various locations, where competition increases every day.

Retail is ripe for data science impact because it is an innately people-centered business. A large amount of data is now available in the industry, but decisions are still being made in the old fashioned way, which leaves room for error and bias. Time is being wasted as human-directed data analysis does not allow fast enough action to be taken on insights.

When companies are serious about success in retail operations they will rely heavily on equipping teams with important information, which empowers them to take swift action. Aging technology has held back the growth in the industry. The outdated tools like manual spreadsheets, pen, and paper, legacy technology are what some teams are still using to analyze data across the business. Better software is the thing that a lot of store managers are requesting now.

Better performance with Data

Data science can win and retain customers when insights are unlocked; there are data mining, data analysis and more use of big data. It will drive efficiencies in business and improve the overall performance of the retail business. Trends will be uncovered and show what caused an increase in sales at a specific time so that managers can make smarter and faster decisions.

For example, a retailer’s cross-promoting marketing efforts, even with the same external promotions, sales of one brand of shirt can be up in one location; while the sale at another location for the same shirt is flat. A manager could assume that consumer preference made the difference, but advanced analytics could reveal that the difference might be related to a cross-promotion in one store where specific jeans were promoted along with it and the simple action can make a huge difference when the information is shared with all the stores and there can be an improvement in sales across the stores.

To conclude; should you wish to boost the growth in the retail sector, it is high time you incorporate Data Science to gain crucial business insights. Leveraging this rich data will ultimately help you to make strategic decisions and grow retail operations.

Here, NextBee comes into the picture. We have started a new service for our clients that will focus on Data Science/Data Analysis/Big Data/ Data Analytics/Business Analytics/Machine Learning/ Data Mining/Visualization/Business Intelligence. This can be about pricing, engagement, hiring, or just any other problems you have with your business when you are making a critical decision.

NextBee is a data-driven company with a successful track record of 10plus years. Our AI-powered platform will boost the overall process corresponding to customer acquisition, customer retention, profit maximization, revenue generation, and many more.

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