Business Health

From marketing to sales to finance, your business has a pulse. That pulse is data and it’s coming at you from all over the place since every department has its own analytics and KPIs. But, how do you know use it to see the overall “health” of your business? The Lighthouse team can help you find trends for customers and products that can be used to improve your business health.

RFM Segmentation

Use RFM segmentation (recency, frequency, monetary value) to learn more about how many customers are in each group and target them with the promotions that make the most sense.


Lighthouse allows you to see what your best customers look like, how they compare to the other tiers, and even how they change over time.

AI Clustering

Finding similarities in transactions and customer profiles is key to understanding customer behavior. With artificial intelligence, Lighthouse lets you see the ways your customers resemble each other so you can target them more effectively.
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