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Empower your workforce – Creating a data-driven organization by using the information our data science team helps uncover.

Sending engagement activities to the right users and at the right time means growing the business more quickly and cost-efficiently in both new team members and new customers. Lighthouse allows businesses to understand and target their users in more ways than any other platform, organizing users by activity recency, frequency, value, tiers, and AI clustering.

Cumulative Total Revenue

With Lighthouse, you can easily compare and contrast users with different engagement patterns to come up with targeted incentivization strategies for the different groups.

New vs Returning Users

Develop a stronger understanding of your users (customers and/or employees), their point in the journey with your brand (new, returning, highly engaged user, etc.), what activities they are performing and the like will make it clear whether your business is growing or starting to stall allowing you to take swift action to capitalize on growth focused tasks instead of guessing.

Activity and Product Association Tables

Activity and Product association tables are strong indicators of what is driving overall engagement for clients in any vertical. By monitoring what activities people tend to do together, you can cater offerings that will pique their interests and use that data to drive more engagement rather than simply encouraging activities they already do.

Tier Cube

Do you know what your best users look like or how they compare to other users? How will they change over time? Will they engage more? less? Can you put them in different segments and tiers to affect their Lifetime Value? Lighthouse allows you to see all of this and more.

User Engagement Histograms

Fully understanding your business, requires you to understand the behavior of an average user and the behavior of your top users. What trends are there? When are they engaging? What activities do they both do? What activities are different? You can use data to see these answers and so much more. Our team will work with you to create easily read and actionable histograms that reveal where you can focus engagement efforts.

Number of Orders vs Avg Daily Spending

Not only will Lighthouse enable you to understand the top users , it enables you to see how average users became top users so that you can identify early which new users are likely to become top users.

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Lighthouse By NextBee Helps Companies Quickly Build And Evolve Programs To Meet Their Customer And Employee Needs While Driving Digital Transformation On A Global Scale.


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